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Sal Island in Cape Verde, is a sun kissed desert island, surrounded by golden sand beaches and azure waters. Just five hours flight away, Cape Verde is a great Winter alternative to the Caribbean and Canary Islands. This is a hugely popular water sports destination, with windsurfers, kitesurfers, surfers and scuba divers from all over the World. It is blessed with consistent wind conditions and some excellent surf breaks, combined with warm clear waters and some excellent dive sites.


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Windsurfing holidays Cape Verde

Windsurfing holidays Cape Verde – Sal Island

Windsurfing holidays Cape Verde on the main beach of Santa Maria, Sal Island. The bay of Santa Maria is located on the southern tip of the island. The long, fine-grained sandy beach extends over more than 4 kilometres. Thanks to their position within the winter trade-wind belt, the Cape Verde islands boast perfect wind and wave conditions from November until May.

The cross-offshore or sideshore wind from the left enables effortless upwind sailing to the various sections of the beach. From the windsurf centre  you can sail directly from the flat water section into two fantastic wave spots: both Ponta Leme upwind and Ponta Sino downwind offer you every opportunity to let off steam in the waves. Trips are available to Ponta Sino and excursions to other spots on the island for all wave freaks, such as Rife and Canoa.

The windsurf centre is European operated and offers top quality coaching and equipment hire. beginners and intermediates can join a group windsurf course. There are also private one to one lessons available. All equipment is high quality and well maintained. If you hire equipment you can swap during your stay if the conditions change.

The windsurf school and centre is in a convenient locations for most of the hotels on Santa Maria beach.

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